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(A professional wing of SAYDO department of Sports)

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will, by throwing punches at each other, usually with gloved hands.

Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common fixture in most international games-it also has its own World Championships.

SAYDO Ladies Soccer Club

Until now women of the country have limited exposure to several sporting events especially LADIES SOCCER which is an international outdoor game; and SAYDO wants to bridge the gap of inequality between men and women in Soccer by reviving and nurturing the development of Ladies Soccer in the country and make it par with Men’s Soccer.
Ladies Soccer Club Mission
To provide opportunities for ladies to develop their soccer skills and to conduct tournaments and encourage participation of schools and communities, and also provide coaching clinics as well as workshops to mentors.
Our objectives of Ladies soccer

  • To promote skill development for ladies soccer by creating ladies soccer teams at schools and local community
  • To enable them to achieve goal setting skills as well as team work via sports
  • To provide opportunities for skilled soccer players to  represent  the country
  • To ensure dominance of ladies in soccer
  • To produce future champions whom would contribute to several professional club levels in South Africa

Benefits of ladies soccer in schools and communities

  • Enhance healthy life style which will help them to do well in school and society
  • Improves physical fitness and maintains a healthy weight  ( reduces the risk for breast cancer)
  • Alleviate stressful life and boost up confidence
  • Build social quotient by promoting social networking
  • Help girls to realize their hidden talent in soccer which may be a future source of income
  • Reduces risk for bad/undesirable habits of teenagers  (alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking, prostitution etc.)

Plan of Action
SAYDO soccer committee will approach local schools and communities in Nkomazi with the project for introducing ladies soccer club.
Plan of action will be distributed to participating schools and communities, indicating tournaments and fixtures.
Each school/community will be required to provide one mentor who will look after the progression of the team.
Every club participating in SAYDO Ladies Soccer project will be registered by law.
Incentive such as Medals, Trophies and Certificate will be issued for outstanding team.
SAYDO targets to recruit age group ranging from 10 to 15 and the method of selection will be based on individual’s interest.
The selection of Nkomazi SAYDO club will be based on evaluation of each player’s strength and performance during tournaments to be held.
SAYDO will retain players who happen to exceed the age limit by creating little duties to be performed within the clubs.
Each school is expected to have 12 to 22 players and one or two mentors or coaches
Soccer Ball
Soccer boots
Kit –team jersey
School and Community playing grounds will be utilized for training session and tournament purposes.
Each school will provide their own transport for attending tournaments if required



SAYDO chess promotion club intends to develop a creative lifestyle which is desirable for a healthy mind, by reviving chess competence and professional skills among individuals.
Rural area based in the province of Mpumalanga and the schools present there will be the starting point of Saydo Chess Club.
The club will strive to generate the passion for chess at all age and community level.
Benefits of playing CHESS

      • Raise your IQ
      • Helps to prevent Alzheimer’s
      • Increases the creativity and problem solving skills
      • Improves the memory and concentration power
      • Improves reading skills
      • It teaches planning and foresight
      • Improves cognitive abilities
      • Develops strategic thinking

Aims and Objectives

  • To popularize the game of chess at schools and in communities. To inculcate the passion for chess from a younger age.
  • To identify and develop competence that will lead to nationally recognized player
  • To ensure the establishment of SAYDO Chess Clubwill accommodate all interested personalities and age groups.

Tutorial, Development and inculcation of optimal skills and professional competence
Chess mentoring or tutorial material will be acquired from book suppliers and internet. Also records of previously played games will be collected from various sources.
Formation and Selection of Best Participants
Every one shall have access to skill imparting sessions at his/ her local areas or schools
Selection of top seeded players can be done by conducting competitions
Incentives in form of medals, trophies, certificates and other prizes shall be awarded at all levels.
Requirements (equipments)
Demonstration sets and boards (chess) for developmental, coaching and mentoring purposes
Giant sets and boards which will enable spectators to watch the game properly
Chess clocks
Notation book
Identified venues like public halls and schooling centre will be utilized for initializing the project.
Leadership building seminars.

Chess as a popular intellectual game deserves much attention especially in rural areas which will help in developing intellectual skills among the people there..
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