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10 principles for your healthy behaviour for your healthy living

  1. Choose behaviours for healthy mind.
  2. Express emotions in healthful ways.
  3. Plan to manage stress.
  4. Develop healthy family relationships.
  5. Develop and recognize healthful friendships.
  6. Plan a healthful diet that reduces the risk of diseases.
  7. Develop healthful eating habits.
  8. Follow a physical fitness plan.
  9. Choose behaviours to reduce the risk of infection and various diseases.
  10. Plan to manage time and money.

Easy guideline for effective lifestyle: By Dr. Cibi John Francis Ph.D (adapted from his book “Breaking the Stress”)

Why is a healthy lifestyle so important?
A healthy lifestyle makes life more enjoyable and remains free from illness. It makes more active and brings more energy in daily life. Emotional and mental health is also important. So, it is an unavoidable aspect of human life.
"If you lose your wealth, you have lost something. If you lose your health, you have lost everything".
What is happening with your lifestyle? Just think about it, take your time.
Are you living with good life style situations or bad life style situation?

Easy Guideline for effective lifestyle:

  • Assessment: Identify your both negative and positive qualities. Identify your behaviour, mistakes and faults and accept it. Try to recognize your mistakes and rectify it.
  • Remain peaceful: Learn how to control and manage your emotions and reactions. It builds self-confidence and peace of mind.
  • Change your style: Change your old style of living and develop your own positive lifestyle. Correct your mistakes. Keep busy with new life activities of hobbies. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy food. Relax.
  • Prioritize your activities: Give more attention to most important aspects of your daily life. Keep a ‘To-Do’ list and prioritize all your activities.
  • Connect your relationship: Keep in touch with ‘good’ people. Build a strong relationship with your family and friends. Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in your family relationship.
  • Feed your mind: Correct your mental attitude with positive way of thinking. Read inspirational books. Attend motivational seminars and empowerment workshops. Try meditation, an effective tool to sharpen your mind.
  • Eat healthy foods: You should think about the quality of food you eat. A balanced diet is very important for healthy living.


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