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SAYDO EducationEducation is one of the most important pillars of any nation.  Education is the best tool to bring positive change in the society, to develop a generation of responsible individuals. Everyone knows that the fundamental purpose of education is to gain knowledge, understand the forms of proper conduct and acquire technical competency in specific subjects. It serves as a means to develop oneself physically, mentally and socially. Education provides choices- and the confidence to take advantages of those choices.
Having observed   and studied the problems and issues that youth are facing in daily life, we understood that our youth need special support and attention. They are in an environment beset with physical, mental and emotional issues which affect their lifestyle and studies.
The Government is spending significant funds on developing schools and initiating skill development programs for educators, as well as improving the curriculum simultaneously. 
However, despite all these initiatives, there are some crucial aspects of youth development that are currently being overlooked. While it is right that academic infrastructure is given priority, the emotional intelligence (EQ) of our youth should also be given high priority.

  • There are efforts to meet this need and dedicated staff make well meaning efforts to help their students. However, resources and training are scarce and paucity of funds limit efforts to redress the issues youth are currently facing.

Having spent more than seven years working with my school and for my community, I have found that our learners face certain common issues:

  • Barriers in learning such as
  • Family concerns that can lead to personal crisis
  •  Lack of emotional support and guidance
  • Relationship issues
  • Health matters – ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, other mental issues etc.
  • Sexual and Substance abuse etc”

A matter of high concern is the increase in child crime and suicide. World Health Organization (WHO) has mandated that special counseling sessions should be conducted regularly in all schools. It is important that the Government and academic institutions work together to support the holistic development of our youth.  South African Youth Development Organization aim to provide development support and counseling to the vulnerable youth in our communities”   Dr. Francis C. J, Founder, SAYDO
SAYDO programs aim for holistic development of youth and seek to develop their emotional and physical resilience. This is done by focusing on six areas:

  • Counseling and related psychological services in schools
  • School, University and Community level Life Coaching sessions
  • Leadership  and soft skill development workshops and seminars
  • Teacher empowerment  and training workshops
  • School, University and Community Self-Empowerment Clubs
  • Career Support and Management

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Physical education and sports have a positive impact in the healthy development of children and youth.  Sports provide a platform for young people to learn how to cope with both winning and losing in life.
Physical education and sports also build healthy activities habits that encourage lifelong participation in physical activity. This extends the impact of sports beyond the school yard and highlights the impact of physical education on public health. It also contributes to the holistic development of young people.
Our vision in sports is to establish a self-sustaining perpetual platform for the development of sports in South Africa. The programme is intended for young people at schools, communities and other possible embodiments that shall have access to the activities of the organization.

Our initiatives:

  • Reintroduce the indigenous sports of South Africa and support the existing groups.
  • Assist the community youth to open sports clubs and teach how to run it.
  • Conduct leadership and management coaching to the members of sports clubs.
  • Issuing Good Standing Certificates to the existing well active and well structured clubs.
  • Hosting sports competitions and workshops with the support of relevant departments and authorities.
  • Provide affiliation and guidance to various sports clubs and teams.

Benefits of affiliation with SAYDO?

  • You will get an affiliation certificate
  • Your club members will receive leadership and management training
  • Opportunity to participate SAYDO activities and programmes
  • Other benefits!!....

Departmental Vision
To establish a self-sustaining and perpetual organization for the development of sports in South Africa. The programme is intended for young people at schools, colleges, universities and communities.


  • The development and promotion of Sports.
  • The promotion of education in arts and culture; the construction of facilities and development of a sound infrastructure to support all of the above.
  • To facilitate participation in the program by young people with fewer opportunities  including young people with disabilities
  • ensuring that the principle of equality between men and women is respected in     participation in the program and that gender equality is fostered in the actions


  • This programme is aimed at development and enhancement of sports activities
  • It also wants to produce future champions through exploring the hidden talent from the youth. e.g. Establishing School Chess Club, Ladies Soccer Club, Taekwondo Club and other sporting code
  • To promote indigenous games at all levels such as Morabaraba, Diketo, etc.
To ensure sustainability and development of the above sports Clubs and creation of domestic leagues and organizing open tournaments whereby schools and communities can participate

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saydo-health"The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty." Kofi Annan

Department of Health
Better health is the key link to human wellbeing. Every community needs healthy people and it is the foundation for a sustainable future.  The value of community health efforts can make changes in terms of treatment cost savings. Physical health and mental health are key pillars of future quality of life for today’s youth. Our SAYDO Health program provides youth with the skills and information they need to develop a lifelong commitment to healthy lifestyle.


Increase the effectiveness of community-based activities designed to prevent disease, improve health, and enhance quality of life.
Our departmental programs:-

  1. Community Health Awareness Campaigns
  2. School Health Education
  3. Counselling and Psychological support to the community
  4. Staff Wellness programs

Our programs enhance healthy lifestyle by educating communities on topics such as:

  1. Substance Abuse
  2. Sexual Abuse
  3. Importance of exercise
  4. Mental illness
  5. Chronic diseases
  6. Importance of Healthy Lifestyle and choices
  7. Nutrition
  8. Violence and Injury
  9. HIV AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections
  10. Unplanned Pregnancy

Three modern killers – High BP, Diabetes and Cholesterol

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sado-environmentSAYDO Department of Environment
In an era where more and more youth are disconnected from nature, SAYDO recognizes the importance of providing environmental education and support. It also encourages youth to pursue career in environmental and natural resources.
Our life depends on our sustainable environment. Environmental education is a responsibility for everyone – government, municipalities, educational institutions, media, community group, schools as well as individuals. Our schools need more resources, time and encouragement to devote attention to environmental education.
Our principles of Green environment!

  • “Environmental education must lead to actions which result in better outcomes”
  • “Involve everyone”
  • “Environmental education must be lifelong”

Our programs and activities:

  • Environmental Education and Training Program (EETP)
  • Environmental Cleaning Campaigns
  • ‘ Green School Network’ Program
  • Partnership Program – Government, National Parks, Universities & Businesses
  • Environmental Workshops and Tours
  • Environmental Events & Exhibitions

2. ‘Green School Network’ program (GSN Program)
‘Green School Network’ program is mainly for primary and secondary schools. The mission of this program is to engage the schools in sustainability through education and lifelong learning. One of the main activities of the project is to open SAYDO environmental clubs in schools. GSN Program involves school learners in learning about environmental issues through a range of formal and informal methods. GSN Program is a network of passionate teachers, learners and teachers from other schools. Organization supports and facilitates the program by:

  • Supporting GSN schools initiatives
  • Encouraging local businesses to provide funds
  • Organizing regular meetings

If you are interested in part of this program please contact us.

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saydo-arts"EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST", SAYDO has taken this quote as its working slogan for the department of Arts. All the activities under the department are trying to extract the talents in young minds. Arts play an important role in moulding a human being in different ways such as cognitively, emotionally, morally and socially. Arts activities support the development of children’s positive attitudes towards them; and their ability to socialise. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.
Our initiatives:

  1. Reintroduce the traditional arts of South Africa.
  2. Opening art clubs in three major categories: Performing arts, Painting and Drawing club, literature clubs.
  3. Provide affiliation to the existing arts clubs.

Benefits of affiliation with SAYDO?

  1. You will get an affiliation certificate
  2. Your club members will receive leadership and management training
  3. Opportunity to participate SAYDO activities and programmes
  4. Other benefits!!....

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