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SAYDO Branch

SAYDO is a non-profit organization working for the empowerment of South African youth.  SAYDO is operating in the form of opening branches in all over South Africa with the support of committed individuals and reputed clubs.  SAYDO is functioning for the community with some assistance from municipalities and other government departments. We also expect assistants from businesses and other interested individuals.


Are you interested in opening a SAYDO Branch in your area? Please contact us through our email: saydomanagement@gmail.com or cibijfrancis@gmail.com
Branch Opening Options: (Choose your best method of operation)
Option A: Opening a New SAYDO Branch in your area.
Option B: Opening a branch of SAYDO together with your existing project, club or association.

How to start?

  1. Send an email to SAYDO head office or regional office regarding the intention behind to open a branch at your area (schools, clubs, churches etc).
  2. After receiving your email we will contact you immediately and arrange a day for area visit.
  3. We will email the letter of acceptance to you together with branch rules and procedures.
  4. You can decide a convenient day for branch launching in your area.
  5. Form a branch committee with the support of SAYDO officials.
  6. Go ahead..

Remember that SAYDO is a non-profit organization, do not expect fund directly from the head office. It is the responsibility of the branch to raise necessary fund for the branch activities, with clear documents and fair manners from well wishers. The Head Office will provide necessary support and guidance for fund raising for the branch activities. Also head office is responsible to conduct various skill development activities for the branch members.
General Rules for the branch:

  1. The name of the branch shall be ‘SAYDO …area name… BRANCH’, which is a constituent part of the South African Youth Development Organization.
  2. The Branch Head (Chair) is responsible for all the activities of the branch. Branch Head is also responsible to form a volunteer Branch Management Committee.
  3. At least seven members needed to form a committee. A Committee must include minimum seven constituent members i.e. Branch Head, Branch Secretary and five Chief Coordinators for Education, Environment, Arts, Sports and Health. A Branch Head have the right to extend the management committee according to the necessity of the branch.
  4. Branch Rules may be introduced, amended or annulled only at the AGM or at a Special Meeting called for such purpose.
  5. Always communicate with the head office. All activities should be transparent to the stakeholders of the SAYDO.

Core objects of the SAYDO Branch:

  1. To recruit volunteer members.
  2. To promote equality and advance the interests and improve the activities of the members irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, creed or disability.
  3. To be an affiliate of the local council, municipalities and other appropriate organizations.
  4. To promote co-operation and partnership arrangements with various departments and other appropriate organizations.
  5. To promote and support Education, Sports, Arts, Environment and Health.
  6. To do all such other things as may in the opinion of the Branch Management Committee be incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

Let us work together and make an impact to the world!
For more information and necessary support please contact us:

saydomanagement@gmail.com or cibijfrancis@gmail.com

South African Youth Development Organization (SAYDO)
229, Kamhlushwa
Nkomazi Municipality

P.O Box - 57, Malelane 1320
Nkomazi, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

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