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About Us

Since SAYDO has noticed that people fail to keep-up with the environment and as a result it leads to environmental problems which will affect their lives adversely even though some of the effects may be invisible today but fatal in future. The environment itself loses its value as a result of a failure to protect the nature. Most of the cultural values are being neglected and most of the people are experiencing social and psychological problems in their daily lives. Most of the South African youth need empowerment that will contribute into the improvement and development of their skills in order to live a healthy and better life. SAYDO has started addressing the above mentioned challenges faced by the South African people.
SAYDO is strictly following the principles of 'BATHO PELE' (The concept of PEOPLE FIRST)


An international South African organization that empowers the youth of South Africa for a better life.


To assist and provide a powerful arena to develop their skills and knowledge in various areas of education, health, environment, sports and arts and to ensure that they are able to use their skills in redressing issues that affects them physically and mentally.


  1. To help mentally and emotionally disturbed youth to arrive at happier and satisfying solutions to their problems with the implementation of psychological counseling sessions and empowerment workshops in schools and universities.
  2. To promote healthy lifestyle and provide awareness about Cancer, HIV AIDS, Diabetes, High BP, Stress and other life style diseases through workshops, interactive seminars and through online support.
  3. To promote, bring awareness and conserve the environment and implement plantation of trees in schools as well as in communities.
  4. To promote and reintroduce the traditional arts of South Africa and also to support the youth to develop their in-born talents in various arts and literature.
  5. To attract and provide support for the sustainable development and growth of sports in South Africa.
  6. To become a supportive family for individuals, youth clubs (Sports, Arts or any community development programs), associations, federations, foundations, local organizations as well as international alliances and organizations.

Functions of SAYDO:

  1. Youth research, training and development.
  2. Working with local, national and international youth agencies and organizations.
  3. Implement and conduct Life Coaching and Counseling programs for school learners, educators as well as unemployed youth.
  4. Empower, educate and guide university students through online SAYDO Newsletters.
  5. Protect and conserve the environment with the help of school participation programs.
  6. Become a health advisor for the youth by conducting workshops based on lifestyle diseases, substance and sexual abuses.
  7. Providing leadership and management workshops.

The beginning of SAYDO...

South African Youth Development Organization (SAYDO) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Cibi John Francis Ph.D, which started its functioning in February 2013.
Dr. Francis started his career as a teacher in 2007 in a secondary school under the Department of Education, Ehlanzeni, Mpumalanga Province. From the very beginning of his career, he was attracted towards the problems experienced by learners inside and outside the school. He spends his free time with learners to express and share their problems. In the beginning of the year 2009, by the support of School Governing Board, he started his official psychological counselling sessions for learners and educators. Gradually he extended his service to the society as follows:

  • Providing Counselling & Psychological services to the learners, educators and community members
  • Visiting other schools and conducting various empowerment workshops for teachers on barriers of learning, Leadership skills, Stress Management and Personality Development.
  • Running a fitness and Taekwondo academy at the school
  • Providing Life Coaching training for the youth

He is also invited by the department of basic education, Mpumalanga Province (Head Office) to conduct stress management workshop for the officials of the various departments.
His strong urge to do something for the people and the community resulted in the formation of SAYDO. After an extensive studies and researches for more than three years about different youth organizations and federations inside and outside the country, he came up with the structure of SAYDO by the end of 2012. From the beginning of 2013, SAYDO become a reality.
Now it is functioning widely with different divisions like Education, Environment, Sports, Health and Arts. In future it may get extended to other areas also which requires its attention.

Founder of SAYDO

Cibi J Francis - Founder of SAYDODr. Cibi John Francis, M.Com, BNYT, Ph.D, PGCE is an educator, Registered Counsellor (Specialist), Author, Life Coach, Leadership & Management Coach, Registered Ethno Health Care Practitioner, Business Advisor and a recognized martial arts Instructor.
He is a research scholar of various alternative medicinal and life management sciences like Naturopathy, Yoga, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Hypno-therapy, Ethno-medicines, Ethno-psychology, exercise therapy and youth development. He is also the founder of a gentle exercise healing system known as Holistic Exercise Therapy System ('HETS Life').

Youth Mentor, Leadership Coach & Director, SAYDO

Dr. Mdhluli M. A , Ph.D (Edu. Psych), Head of Department, Psycho and Social Support Unit, The Department of Education, Ehlanzeni (Mpumalanga), is a well travelled motivational speaker and research scholar of Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Archaeology, Classical Languages and education science. He is a Registered Counsellor (Specialist) and Leadership & Management Coach. He used to run a column in Mpumalanga News titled: Talk to you about you. He co-founded Mphilo Yakho Life and Executive Coaching with Sonia Oosthuizen. This company focuses on empowering people with tools, knowledge and skills necessary for personal development, dynamics of inter-personal interactions, conflict resolution, stress management, team building and time management.
He has also written several inspirational books:

  1. Draw your Mark, Make an Impact and Leave a Legacy
  2. Effective Team Work
  3. The Great Loss
  4. The Power of Self-Talk

Contact details: Cell No:  +27 (0)824663362
Email: mamdhluli@gmail.com

Our Team

Board Members

Dr. Mdluli M. A : Director (Mentorship & Development)
Ms. Mdaka B. J : Treasurer
Mr. Chris Engelbrecht : (Executive Director – Operations)
Mr. Themba Joseph : Communication
Dr. Suneej S. N : Health Division


Here GK sir names full with the designation (International Chief Advisor)

Mr.Mnisi Foster (Department of Education, Ehlanzeni District)


Mr.JabulaniMathabela (Manager – Operations)

Ms.SakhileMalopa (Manager – Personnel & Registered Counsellor)

Ms.PriscaGumede (Provincial Coordinator – Mpumalanga)

Ms.Pertunia M (Provincial Coordinator – Limpopo)

Mr.NkosiNduduzo (District Coordinator – Ehlanzeni)

Mr. Lucky Mbokodo (Head of SAYDO Literature South Africa)

Mr.MetisoSiyabonga (Coordinator – Witbank)

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Donations to SAYDO are Tax deductible in South Africa.

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that”
Welcome to our initiative of empowering youth. Support SAYDO’s work and help us to strengthen our programs. Your donation will help our youth break the cycle of poverty and empower them.
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Our Bank Details:

Account Name:
South African Youth Development Organization
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 4083351462
Branch Name: Malelane

SAYDO is transforming the lives of South African Youth!


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