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Youth Celebrations

The month of June in South Africa is dubbed as the youth month, in order to commemorate the Soweto Uprising of 16 June 1976, when learners protested against the instruction of Afrikaans and the Bantu Education imposed by the apartheid government.

The youth of Mawewe, one SAYDO branch in the peripheries of South Africa, celebrated their youth day on the 25th of June.  About 16 determined youth attended the function. Mr. Jabulani Mathabela, SAYDO manager for operations, attended the event and gave an input on the progress of SAYDO. 

The Speaker of the day was mr. Lucky Mbokodo (an Author, Strategist and Philanthropist) who recently has become one of South Africa’s bestselling authors, and comes from the same rural area as Mawewe. Mbokodo gave the youth some special motivation,  and encouraged them to participate in literature. “Reading and writing,” he said, “is one of the keys to gaining wisdom and knowledge”.  The youth listened to him with a very keen interest. 

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